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Actionable Intelligence for
Electricity Transmission and Distribution Companies in Africa

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Actionable Insights for

  • Maintenance

  • Vegetation Management

  • Engineering

Sharper CORE (Cloud Optimized Remote Evaluation) is a real-time Living Digital Twin (LDT) software complete with data collection tools, specifically designed for the digital inspection workflow. It is the powerful core of our Sharper Circle of Inspection Automation Process.

Sharper CORE software empowers digital inspections for both UAS systems and ground inspections, handling the end-to-end process from flight/field planning and assignments, data ingestion, and review, remote inspection, defect identification, assessment, and reporting.

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Sharper Shape


Safegrid Intelligent Grid System for

  • Fault Detection

  • Localization

  • Preventive Maintenance

The system consists of instant-on wireless FPI sensors  for underground and overhead lines and cloud based monitoring and analytics software powered by AI and machine learning.

The solution gives utilities and grid operators full 24/7 visibility into the grid and let them locate faults faster and more accurately than before and also predict faults and do timely preventive maintenance that improves grid performance and increases equipment service life.


When the fault locations are known, the crews can navigate and fix faults faster, decreasing both costs and downtime. The resulting fast FLISR and minimized SAIDI and SAIFI improve customer satisfaction and operational economics.

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Grid Guardian Cloud-based Monitoring and Analytics Platform


Grayhawk - Wireless Fault Indicator for Overhead Lines


Grayfox - Wireless Fault Indicator for Underground MV Lines



Provendia Africa provides  electricity transmission and distribution companies intelligent digital service solutions that improve operational efficiency and reliability of the grids, enabling better availability of electricity.


Provendia Africa develops and tailors new and innovative  value-added service solutions for African electricity utilities based on industry leading Finnish software and equipment development.

Provendia Africa Group (Finland) is an authorized  representative of  Sharper Shape Ltd. and Safegrid Ltd. in Africa. The company operates throughout the continent with local partners and has a regional office in Abuja, Nigeria.



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